Hello Friend,

You are probably wondering why you’re here. who is this wack job person and what the hell is this blog?

Well, I’m wondering the same thing.

It’s the new year, exactly 1st January 2016 11:34, so I had the idea that on my journey to become an author, I would document it, share it. So, other future authors, could be on the journey with me, they could gain some tips, learn things while I’m learning them.

This blog/website/domain, will also teach me how to stay dedicated to something I do, or anything I do.

I hope, whoever may or may not be reading this, will get something out of this blog at the same time that I do.

I will probably post a feminist rant or about new books that are amazing and life changing too, so you have that to look forward to as well.

This blog (I hope) is going to evolve and change, you might not see what you expect.

Anyway,  this is a very short prologue to the beginning of this year, if you were looking for anything when you clicked on the link, I hope you found it. If you have not, good luck in looking for it.

Love from, Davina