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Pre-Uni worries.

To my lovely readers,

I am venturing into the unknown as of Sunday 18th September to the terrifying and invigorating phenomenon that is known as University. AKA the place where your card may decline and you may become an alcoholic, or you strive for success.

But given the fact that I am one of the first women in my family to actually be going to university, I figured I would torture myself while entertaining you with a list of pre-uni/freshers week worries.

  2. GETTING DRUNK WITH STRANGERS. While some may thrive some may fall and I refuse to fall flat on my face with people who may not help me home.
  3. Making new friends
  4. How much bleach does on person need?
  5. Do I need to buy a toaster or will we end up with 8 different toasters?
  6. How much money do I need to spend a week?
  7. Will I actually enjoy my lessons or nah?
  8. What about vegetables?
  10. MONEY
  11. MONEY
  12. MONEY
  13. Will this be worthwhile in the long run?
  14. The idea of sex during Freshers week freaks me out. Its too much pressure to actually socialise with other people let alone getting off with them.

I probably have a lot more fears than that but rather than bore you all I think I will just keep you posted by the end of Freshers week.

Otherwise, see you then my darlings.



I'm a wannabe writer, feminist and support LGBTQA+ rights. I'm into reading, films and being boring. Currently (trying) to write my first book

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